There are countless backup solutions that do a great job. Because it is not technically advanced in any way to take a backup.

What it's about is getting your information back quickly, what we call data, and at the same time making sure you do not recover infected files or recover to already infected hardware.


Do you need help with backup on your PC?

It's a very simple thing. Easier than you might think.
Submit your computer to us in Lund and we will make a backup, learn how to do it yourself with a few simple tricks. It's fast and easy. And above all, it gets done!


Do you want help with backup to a company or business?

When it comes to your business, there are various backup solutions but the basics still apply:



5 backup tips

1, Back up servers and workstations.

2, Have the backups tested so you know they work.

3, Save locally, offsite, in the cloud or on tape.

4, Make sure you can restore quickly.

5, Make sure the recovery is clean of viruses.

Do you want additional backup tips or solutions?

For more options and practical solutions, read more here.