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We build computers for:

We have solid expertise and experience in special configurations.

Here you can easily build your own computer through our configurator.

Our expert builders have gone through every single component so that it is compatible and also fits physically. You simply choose your components and our knowledgeable staff builds it for you.

Start from packages and adapt
Important! You can adjust the content yourself to see what suits you. NOTE! The assembly is included in the total price.
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Certified experts

We have solid competence and experience in odd configurations, high-tech industry and in research. Actually one of the few in Sweden that has all the necessary certifications.

Why choose experts?, and why build yourself?

Pros and cons of building your own computer

Many people choose to build a computer because it provides both more choices and many times it can be worthwhile to opt out of what you do not need and invest in adapting the computer to the needs that are prioritized.

Important benefits
  • You can choose the components you want down to the smallest detail, everything fits in our configuration.

  • You have the option to replace components if necessary (perhaps conditions change and you want to replace or increase performance)

  • It is easier to service your computer

  • By building completely yourself, you risk destroying or assembling something wrong. For example. a small detail such as electrical cables being too close together can cause problems. Although there is a lot of information online, there are still risks that can damage expensive components.

Our basic packages

The most common configurable basic packages are computer building and server building

desktop computer
Completed buildings

You can see how they are structured at a more detailed level by pressing "read more" on the computers below.

Choose a base and configure yourself

Look at what you are interested in, and then you can easily adjust the content to what suits you. Under "description" on the configuration page in our webshop, you will find more detailed information about all products.

Buy with direct delivery

We have a large selection of computers from leading manufacturers such as Apple, HP, Acer, and Lenovo. On our webshop you can choose from affordable and simple computers to some of the most powerful on the market. You can also see delivery times. PS: Don't forget to sign a service agreement

Ready-made expert configurations

Here you can find ready configurable packages to build a computer or build a server.

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What our customers say about us

Testimonial itemsTestimonial items
Joakim A was both knowledgeable and pleasant to talk to. It was a very efficient and affordable upgrade of my computer. The whole process was smooth, first contact on a Tuesday and the following Friday he carried the computer out to my car! Great to have this upgrade done regarding Adobe's new versions of Photoshop and other programs. I can warmly recommend Compliq IT.

Do you want help with a special construction?

Contact us for a quote on the construction of a computer or server.