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Certified Experts

We have solid expertise and experience in odd configurations, high-tech industry and in research. In fact, one of the few in Sweden.

We work with

Simulators, vehicle computers, calculating computers, long-life series, cluster computers, servers, industrial computers, GPU based computers.

Over the years, we have ordered many custom computers from Compliq that are used for scientific calculations.

The computers were professionally built and we are satisfied with both the products and the service we receive from Compliq.

Robert Zoltan-Szasz

Scientist, Energy Science, LTH

Let's build IT

Our customers range from different industries in several countries.
So test us too, and send in a quote request if you need help building your computer or server
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Finished configurations computer construction

Here you can find ready-made configurable packages for building a computer or building a server.

Standars Solutions

In the link above, we have listed some of our configurations as examples for you who are building a computer.
You can see how they are built on a more detailed level by pressing "read more". 

Tailored to your needs 

Look at what you are interested in, and then you can easily adjust the content to what suits you.
During "description" on the configuration page in our webshop you will find more detailed information on all products.

Buy directly for delivery

You can easily buy all the components directly in our web shop. We build for you. 
Smooth or not!

The most common configurable basic packages are computer building and server building

Compliq ie Workstation Pro3

(1CPU 256GB memory 2NVMe)

With up to 256GB of internal memory and space for two fast NVMe disks, delivered in a quieter chassis.

ie Ryzen Threadripper G3

 (1CPU, max 256GB, 3NVMe)
With up to 256GB of memory, and with the latest PCI-Express 4.0

ie Ryzen Threadripper G4

(1CPU, max 128GB memory, 1-2 NVMe, PCIe 4.0)

With up to 128GB internal memory and one or two fast NVMe disks. Quiet chassis and option with 2NVMe, USB-C and dual LAN.

Build computer build server

ie Ryzen G5 WS Tower

(1CPU., Ax 128GB memory, 2NVMe, PCIe 4,0)

With up to 128GB internal memory and one or two fast NVMe disks. Delivered in a stylish and quiet chassis. Option with USB-C and dual LAN.


ie Beta Desktop Intel S1200

<p>1U 1CPU<p>

<p>2U Max 8HDD<p>

Supermicro Server

AMD Workstation

Office & Store

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About Compliq

Compliq IT AB is a Swedish IT company with over 30 years of experience.
We are certified experts in advanced computer construction in Sweden for various industries and companies large and small to meet the needs required.
We also serve our customers with simple and complex IT solutions, service and products to make everyday life easier for companies, universities and schools.
In our web shop we sell IT-related products.  
In Lund, there is our service shop where we repair computers and servers.
Always with a financially sustainable mind.

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