"With over 30 years of experience in technical challenges and solutions, we look forward to contributing in various ways that can help young people for the future."

Gymnasieskolan Pauliskolan strengthens its collaboration with the technology industry from the autumn term 2021 so that the teaching is more realistic and thus help students to enter the labor market of the future. Pauliskolan has also been certified as a Technical College.

Pauliskolan has in fact been certified according to the quality criteria set by the association Teknikcollege.

The certification is a seal of quality and strengthens the school's collaboration with the technical and scientific industry.
- The certification is proof that our educations are of high quality. It also means that our educations are in an even better way adapted to the needs of the companies and equip our students for employability, says Christer Månsson.

The traditional Pauliskolan started in 1853 with technical educations and has since had various forms of high school educations with a focus on technology. The programs that are now certified are the technology program with 270 students and specializations such as engineering science and product and design development, and the science program 150 students and the specialization forensic science and medical technology.

- In recent years, we have made major investments in the technical training materials and we have modernized our classrooms that house the Natural Sciences and Technical Program, says Christer Månsson.

He sees many benefits from the expanded collaboration with the technology industry. On the one hand, the status of the technology programs at the upper secondary school is raised and on the other hand, some prejudices that exist around the various professions are prevented.
- Many believe that technical professions are just someone sitting in an office, but there are many areas in society to work in. By investing in top education, we hope to get more students interested and above all more girls, says Christer Månsson

Teknikcollege is Sweden's largest collaboration platform for the industry's competence supply. The educations that are certified according to Teknikcollege Skåne offer company-related educations where the basis is a quality-assured collaboration between school and business.

Through collaboration between municipalities, education providers and industrial companies, the goal is to increase the status and quality of education.

At Pauliskolan, six specializations in the technology program, the science program and TE 4 high school engineer were examined. All educations are judged to meet the criteria and are now certified by the Technical College standard.

He gives some examples of what high school work the students in the technology programs at Pauliskolan could do in the future.
Developing a computer game in collaboration with a game development company such as Massive or studying a new environmental technology together with an environmental company are some ideas.

The school already has a collaboration with the business community and the universities and for a few years now has had a steering group that tries to develop and modernize the technology educations. The school also has a Paulia Academy where well-known company profiles are invited to give lectures to students, teachers and partners. Every year, a high school work fair is also held where year 3 shows their high school work for companies and students in the ninth grade.

Anders Malm at the IT company Compliq in Lund is one of those who sits on the steering group for developing the technology programs at Pauliskolan. He is prepared to receive students on internships and lecture on more advanced IT technology.
- We in the industry feel that there is a lack of reality-based education that is focused on the needs of the industry. It is not just about programming but about finding creative solutions for different needs, such as creating a mini-computer in a lamppost, says Anders Malm.

"With over 30 years of experience in technical challenges and solutions, we look forward to contributing in various ways that can help young people for the future." Pauliskolan has also been certified as a Technical College.

Source: Skånska Dagbladet, Compliq IT AB