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We work with many exciting constructions - large and small

We are the IT company in Lund, one of the few that is an expert in odd configurations and custom-built computers and servers.

Over 30 years in the industry. It is solid experience and knowledge. It is safety. The job gets done right.

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What are our special builds?

Custom construction and odd configuration can, for example, be the production of computer equipment that can withstand military requirements or different temperatures, different humidities or other production requirements.

It can be advanced technology in hospitals and new research areas.

But also specially built computers or servers that handle large amounts of data, or large amounts of simulations and calculations.

Some tailor-made special constructions need advanced technical inventions and complex products that require that extra that we can assist with.

tailored solutions

Which industries do we support with special computers?

Constant development in the IT industry requires continuous learning and implementation. With our solid knowledge and long technical experience, Compliq is also involved in the development of the education at Teknikcollege in Malmö. You can really feel safe.

The construction industry
banking and finance
Research & innovation
pharmaceutical company
real estate company
business operations
advertising agency
health and social care
Education, university & school
Energy solutions

Let us help you

We have advised, built, installed, taken care of operation, handled security issues, developed, secured and secured, companies' needs in IT services.


What do our customers say?

Satisfied customers are our most important receipt and the reason why we have been active for over 30 years. At Compliq, we strive to constantly improve and therefore value our customers' opinions highly. There is no one who can tell you better than our customers about the quality of our work. We have chosen to display reviews from Google.

We have been buying all our business computers from Compliq for many years. They know what it takes to deliver to a company. That it is a work tool, not a toy. Would much rather buy locally with local service than send the computer away and never know when you will get it back.
Super satisfied private customer here! On two occasions, I received flexible and quick help with nice and affordable solutions (Acer and Lenovo laptops). Highly recommend!
Got my computer fixed quickly and smoothly. Nice treatment, got the problem and the solution explained to me in detail, which I appreciated!

We are an IT partner based in Lund

one of the few who are experts in odd configurations and custom built computers and servers.

Over 30 years in the industry

Over 30 years in the industry. It is solid experience and knowledge.

We value your safety

We create a checklist for you to keep track of cyber security.

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