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Guides and configuration tools

Here you will find helpful guides / configurators that can help you plan and find the right purchase. The following guides are some available in our webshop.

Find the right toner for your printer

Search for many different variables eg manufacturer, product name and model to find exactly what you want.

Toners ...

Kingston memories

Here you will find a guide to Kingston memories.

Memories ...

Guide to various cables

Use this function to see which cables are suitable.

Cables ...

Instruction to order with Fritext LU

It is easy to order and send in free text to Compliq. You enter the search field and type free text Compliq. See the picture below.

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Compliq IT AB is a Swedish company with 30 years experience in both simple and complex IT solutions, services and products to facilitate everyday life for companies, universities and schools. Always with an economically sustainablity in mind for our clients. We Love IT!

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