In February 2019 announced the government that it intends to raise the chemical tax in August 2019

As of July 1, a special excise duty is levied on electronics in accordance with Law (2017: 2016) on taxes on chemicals in certain electronics. The purpose of the tax is to contribute to the national environmental objective "a non-toxic environment" and that this must be done by "reducing the occurrence, spread and exposure of dangerous flame retardants".
The chemical substances that are primarily intended to be taxed are bromine, chlorine and phosphorus compounds, which to a greater or lesser extent occur in all types of electronic goods, especially in circuit boards.

• The tax is weight-based in accordance with the table below.
• Taxpayers are anyone who professionally manufactures, receives or imports taxable electronic goods.
• The government also announced that tax levels from 2019 will be calculated in line with the consumer price index

Tax Levels Chemicals Tax 1 August
Home appliances 11 / kg
Other electronics goods SEK 160 / kg
Maximum tax per product 440 kr

Earlier tax levels Chemical tax
Home appliances 8 / kg
Other electronics goods SEK 120 / kg
Maximum tax per product 320 kr