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IT solutions in various industries

Regardless of industry, a stable, functioning IT environment is always needed. Some have more industry-specific needs than others, but the common denominator is that everyone needs the business to function smoothly.

IT solutions that save time

We work in different ways depending on your specific needs. Everything from a complete solution to installation, operation and support.

Some of our customers want continuous IT support, others reinforcement for their existing IT department, while others also choose us when they need occasional help.

We work proactively and provide improvement suggestions for your IT environment to be optimal. IT solutions where we review how we can utilize both existing technology and new, to best meet the needs of your business. 

Simply reliable IT solutions that are tailored to your company.


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The service, support and expertise we have received from Compliq we have never received from other suppliers before.

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IT solutions for companies and organizations

Construction, plumbing



Finance, finance and accounting

Research and innovation

The automotive industry

Wellness and health


Non-profit associations and organizations



Rental associations, property management and brokerage

Food, cultivation and production

Medical technology

Public Administration

Advertising, PR and communication

Restaurant and commercial kitchen

Healthcare, care and assistance

Small business owners

Manufacturing and production

Education, university and school

Compliq - a supplier you can trust

Solid expertise and experience after 30 years in the sector

 We have advised-, built-, installed-, taken care of operations and security issues. Developed and secured
and secured, implemented what is needed before the GDPR of those who requested our services.

Continuous development in the IT industry requires continuous learning and implementation.
With our solid knowledge and long technical experience, Compliq is also involved in the development of the education at the Technical College in Malmö.
You can really feel safe.

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About Compliq

Compliq IT AB is a Swedish IT company with over 30 years of experience.
We are certified experts in advanced computer construction in Sweden for various industries and companies large and small to meet the needs required.
We also serve our customers with simple and complex IT solutions, service and products to make everyday life easier for companies, universities and schools.
In our web shop we sell IT-related products.  
In Lund, there is our service shop where we repair computers and servers.
Always with a financially sustainable mind.

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