How can we make it easier for you? What would you have needed for IT help?

Below we have published a brief summary of the most common services that customers demand. Sometimes you may not know exactly what kind of help is needed. In that case, please contact us and we will help you sort it out. Either via the form below or by contacting us on the phone.

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Do you need
temporary IT help?

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Do you need
upcoming IT help?

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Do you need help
reviewing the whole IT landscape?

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Did you know that a hacker can hack into the company's network through the office printing machine?

Today, there are, unfortunately, too many people exposed to ransomware , a hacker hijacks your computer and encrypts it so you can´t access your information. Then they request a ransom for you to get back your access. Unfortunately, these scams have increased dramatically over the last few years. This is just one example of what businesses are exposed to today.

Why IT Support?

Our IT support in the Lund and Malmö region is there to minimize and eliminate any potential security risks or other problems that usually occur daily. Things you may not notice until it's too late.

What would you do if were exposed to virus attacks, hi-jacking of websites, no access to the internet, fire, theft, lost data (eg customer records, contracts, drawings, research) or other unforeseen events?

For companies, we make it easy

With different package solutions, you can choose a fixed monthly cost or help only when needed, at reasonable costs.  Read more…

We can also help you with occasional problems.

I found Compliq online over 10 years ago. I needed urgent help with some computer problems, both hard- and software.
The help I received from Compliq IT was very competent and the response to my problem was immediate. I received a calm and and factual explanation of the error.
I am completely satisfied with all that Compliq has helped with so far during the 10 years.

Jan Norberg

Managing Director, JN Instrument AB

Compliq - an IT support you can trust in Lund and the Malmö region

Solid expertise and experience after 30 years in the sector

We have advised, built, installed, taken care of operations, security issues, developed and secured with IT support in Lund and the Malmö region.
This includes the implementation of GDPR among those who have requested our services.

Occasional & Temporary Help


Do you have something that doesn't work properly? Read more below Repair.

Choose the option that suits you the best:

  • Store drop off
  • Remote Troubleshooting
  • Technician at your place

Personal IT Technician

Book your personal IT technician. He or she will come help you:

  • Install
  • Troubleshoot
  • Repair

Or perhaps other measures necessary.

Fill in the contact form below and describe, with as much detail as possible, what your need us to help you with. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

On Demand Services

Do you want a technician to be available to you within a certain period of time?

We make sure that someone is available and will help you in urgent need.

You can, for example, choose the appointment time;
2 hours, 4 hours, same day
or the next business day.

Advanced technician on demand

Book an advanced technician who comes out and troubleshoots and performs actions.

If servers / server systems need repair, we will come to you.

Due to the often complex set of servers (networks, raid systems, files that absolutely must not disappear), we draw up documentation at the first visit. 

Feet on the Ground

A modest service, which has not really received the attention it deserves regardless of the little sporty name. With effectiveness, we have acted as feet on the ground for several companies, with no technical support on site.

Perhaps your company has several offices in different countries or in different parts of Sweden. Your company's IT department sees that an office in Skåne needs IT help that cannot be done remotely. By hiring us, telling us what to do, we do it. Whether it's complicated or a 30 minute fix.
Need help? Fill in the form below.

Let Us Educate You!

Some training is crucial to your business.
One example is GDPR.
Learning how to minimize common security risks in your companys IT environment is another example of useful knowledge that can save you a lot of money and head aches.

Our security manager has helped companies implement their GDPR. The service is called GDPR 1st Aid and will be announced shortly. 

Reocurring help

Remote Monitoring and Management

We install an agent on all your computers. In this way, we can perform most tasks remotely.

For example, we can see if a hard drive is failing, if a disk is full (or will be in the near future), if the internal memory is scarce; and much, much more.

At ACTIVE surveillance, we go through logs and reports from the agents and fix any possible shortcomings.

At PASSIVE surveillance, we connect to you by your request. After that, we perform the measures we agree upon together.

Subscribe to a Technician

It's safe knowing that someone automatically takes care of your techincal headaches.

Your necessary fixes are stored by us if they are not urgent. We fix them on a booked occasion that you set the time for.

Some of our clients choose,to have a technician work for them two hours every two weeks. Some choose more. 

Fortunately, this can be done either on site or remotely.

Scheduled IT scan

Proactive IT work
Schedule an IT technician who will run through your operations and safety on a fixed period. This is a much requested service since our IT technician updates you on what to think about in order for your particular business to work painlessly.
It can be about which products need to be replaced, upgraded or if they need additional security measures due to new developments in threats and security.

This service is appreciated because most people don't have time to constantly update themselves in IT development.

Book Your Personal Technician

Book a technician who regularly performs actions and takes care of your systems and networks.

After an interview where we map your needs, we set a fixed price for an IT technician who regularly takes care of the measures that are necessary.

You can choose the time-span that suits you.
Everything from any day of the week to more or less often, depending on your business needs.

Small Business Solutions

Today, we are completely dependent on our computer working smoothly for us.

Would your whole world stop if the computer disappeared, was attacked by viruses or broke down?

We have a proposal; sign a SMB agreement with us.

This includes active monitoring and a disaster recovery plan. We make sure that you back up what you need in case of problems.

When the accident is a fact you will bring us your computer. The next day, you will have a working computer again. Either your own or a computer we lend to you with all your programs installed and the e-mail restored to the latest backup.

Sounds pretty clever and safe doesn't it?

Service agreements

When you want to avoid IT problems!

Our service packages are created precisely to ensure that companies can avoid unnecessarily time-consuming IT stools while ensuring that the company's information and data are secured.

We have different solutions depending on what your business needs.
Everything in between Proactive standard options to customized packages.

Read more here Service Agreement.

Getting the general picture of things


Advice and Consultation

From time to time, a proper review of the business's needs, opportunities and future plans is needed.
- How IT technology can help streamline and utilize existing technology, or add additional smarter solutions that pay off.
- How we prevent your business from being adversely affected by technical problems.

Maybe you need more security when a few years have passed and the technology needs updating. (Your website is hacked, your staff may need to be able to work both at home and away, need to be able to travel and have access to the company's information).
Perhaps your servers are older and end up at the end of their lifecycle or need to be cleared for additional storage.

We can help you
We analyze, advise and take care of planning as far as you want. Everything from ordering products, installations both soft and hardware, and all the backups etc. needed. Read more…



Did you know that a hacker can even hack into the company's network via a printer or copier? 

Our IT support is there to minimize and eliminate any potential security risks or other problems that usually occur daily. Things you may not notice until it's too late.

We often say that our job has succeeded when you don't even notice something has happened. Thats´s us, already taken care of and prevented new threats.

There are various ways to work with safety depending on your business and the technology you use.

Read more about safety

Contact us for a safer life!

Backup & Recovery

Some need an overview of their handling of the business data and information

if something unexpected should happen, ensuring a well-functioning backup is necessary

Simple things like fire, theft and certain crypto viruses can really mess things up. Lost data is costly and very time consuming.

We will be happy to solve your problems.
There are several ways, either as part of our Safe IT packages or as a single service.

Read more about Backup

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