Shipping Information

We make sure that our products are delivered properly to our customers.

For example, we always send them off with traceable shipping options - to ensure that your order and delivery are done in the best way. <strong> Safe and secure.<strong></strong></strong>

Place your Order before 13.00 PM and
your order will be processed the same day.

Our delivery cars runs daily within Lund
between 14.00 p.m. and 15.30 p.m.

We often deliver fragile products and therefore we have chosen to handle this with our own courier or with the help of shipping/courier companies. Our customers are mostly companies and universities and you can find us and our webshop or in our store.

Ofcourse you are always welcome to pick up your goods directly from our shop in Lund.

Delivery times within Sweden

We have different delivery times depending on product:

1 day / directly available in our store / warehouse</p>

1-3 days from our warehouse / remote warehouse in Sweden

+ 7 days (special orders, computer building, items not normally available in Sweden)

Security training in the company

Safety also includes a conscious process in the business so that the staff is trained in the usual way that concerns companies.

simple tips for better security practices
  • Always be careful before clicking on attachments and links in emails.

  • Being aware that USB sticks can be infected and knowing how to deal with them.

  • That hackers can enter your network through your printer.

  • To limit the opportunities for hackers to enter the company from the outside via other technical products such as printers, mobile phones, etc.

  • Having a basic knowledge of GDPR and that the company has implemented the regulations.

Our environmental commitment

We have always thought about the environment, ever since the start of Compliq in 1992

Our goal is to be one of the most environmentally-minded IT companies in terms of social and environmental responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment as far as possible.

We work actively to be able to offer or provide products in our webshop that are environmentally smart to the best possible extent and in this way together with our customers increase the sales volume of this type of products. You will find, among other things, products that are made from recyclable materials.

* We deliver all our products by electric car within Lund and Malmö.

* Our delivery bags and tape are climate neutral.

* We have source sorted since the start of Compliq, which is somewhat unique for an IT company.

* Source sorting has always since the beginning consisted of plastic, paper, cardboard and electronics.

* If you buy ink and toner from us, you also have the option of returning the empty cartridges to our store, which will then be taken for recycling.

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What our customers say about us

Testimonial itemsTestimonial items
Joakim A was both knowledgeable and pleasant to talk to. It was a very efficient and affordable upgrade of my computer. The whole process was smooth, first contact on a Tuesday and the following Friday he carried the computer out to my car! Great to have this upgrade done regarding Adobe's new versions of Photoshop and other programs. I can warmly recommend Compliq IT.