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Environmental work is constantly improving

Our goal is to be one of the most environmentally-minded IT companies in terms of social and environmental responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment as far as possible.

We work actively to be able to offer or provide products in our web shop that are environmentally smart as much as possible and thus together with our customers increase the sales volume of this type of product. You will find products in our web shop that are made from recyclable as well as when we order our own packaging or office equipment, we make conscious environmental choices even if it costs a little more.

We have always thought about the environment, ever since the start of Compliq.

So for over 30 years!

Some examples.

- We deliver all our products by electric car within Lund and Malmö.

- Our delivery bags are climate neutral.

- We reuse packaging as much as possible.

- We have sorted at source since the start of Compliq, which is a bit unique for an IT company.

- Source sorting has always since the beginning consisted of plastic, paper, cardboard and electronics.

- If you buy ink and toner from us, you also have the opportunity to return the empty cassettes to our store, which will then be taken for recycling.

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About Compliq

Compliq IT AB is a Swedish IT company with over 30 years of experience.
We are certified experts in advanced computer construction in Sweden for various industries and companies large and small to meet the needs required.
We also serve our customers with simple and complex IT solutions, service and products to make everyday life easier for companies, universities and schools.
In our web shop we sell IT-related products.  
In Lund, there is our service shop where we repair computers and servers.
Always with a financially sustainable mind.

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