Focus on what's most important - improve your business with Compliq's flexible offering.

We offer a comprehensive solution that includes networks, licenses, support and staff hardware for a fixed monthly fee. We are your partner when it comes to IT and make sure everything is included, so you can feel confident in how your IT workplace is managed.

What does a flexible, scalable and supported workplace mean?

With our flexible, scalable and supported workplace as a service, you can give your staff a problem-free start. We offer hardware and software implementation and support that is specifically tailored to your company's IT environment. With our solutions, it becomes easy to manage all IT-related activities from the perspective of both your organization and your employees. We take care of everything from purchasing to installation, updates and technical support to ensure your organization's IT environment is kept secure while providing a great employee onboarding experience.

Onboarding process that saves time and money.

By choosing us as part of your onboarding process, you can save time and money. We take care of everything from retrieving equipment when someone quits to restoring data to its original state. Our solution is secure, flexible and supported, giving you a frictionless IT environment.

Do you also want a secure and flexible IT environment for your company? Book a meeting with one of our IT consultants today so that we can assess your IT needs and offer a solution that is adapted to your business.

How do we start with Arbetsplats as a service?

* Book a meeting with one of our IT consultants and we will come to assess your IT requirements. 

* After our survey of your needs, we will come back with a rental proposal that is adapted to the estimated needs of your current environment.

* Once our proposal is approved by you, we will start the documentation process and carry out all necessary orders. We come out and implement. 

* Congratulations, sit back, you now have a secure, flexible and supported IT environment.

Examples of what we include.

• Office 365

• Backup

• Network

• Server

• Client computer

• Printer

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