If your computer were to break for some reason, is it the contents of the computer or the computer itself that is most important? Often the insurance company can handle your computer but not its contents. Therefore, a good backup routine is a necessity.

Your computer or computers may have information that is critical to your business or for documentation. A computer's hard drive can stop working for many reasons, such as accidents and computer viruses. Backup means that if something were to happen, you should still have the information. The basic rule is that all important information must be in at least two places.

Ideally, this should happen automatically so that it is not dependent on the human ability to remember to make backups regularly. We at Compliq help you make sure this can happen seamlessly in the background so you don't have to think about it.

Here we collect 5 simple tips on what you can do for your backup.

1, Back up servers and workstations.

2, Have the backups tested so you know they work.

3, Save locally, offsite, in the cloud or on tape.

4, Make sure you can recover quickly.

5, Make sure the recovery is clean from viruses.