The IT company Compliq IT AB acquires the Lund-based IT company Regiondata AB. With this acquisition, Compliq's operation and support range is greatly expanded. This is an investment in service offerings and long-term creative customer solutions, says Compliq's CEO and owner Anders Malm, who sees great advantages in the acquisition.

The need for digitization in the region is increasing sharply, we have seen for some time now an increased demand from several of our customers who see the advantages of a local and responsible partner. With this acquisition, the company's resources are strengthened in project management, business development, process development, IT architecture, IT security as well as operation and support.

After the acquisition, the company is expected to increase turnover significantly in 2023. We are strengthening the investment in our customers' management of the IT environment and their development in an increasingly digitized world.

"Compliq has historically had a greater focus on hardware and accessories, while Regiondata has had a primary focus on customer development as well as operation and support. It will be incredibly exciting to be able to take a new step in our development going forward. Our ambition is to help our customers based on their needs, their size and with their wishes going forward. We want to provide them with sustainable and technically challenging solutions that really benefit their growth. In Regiondata, we have found a company that reflects our own company's values, so this investment really feels right." says Anders Malm.

The new constellation will work under the name Compliq IT AB from 1/1-2023.

Compliq IT, which was founded in 1992 in Lund, has since the beginning produced advanced computers for calculation systems, service, operation and support, as well as traditional sales of accessories and peripherals. The company currently has 8 employees and a turnover of approximately 27 million. The company has clear goals in sustainability, for example a well-designed source sorting and emissions analysis of its own transport. Locally, all deliveries are carbon dioxide-free, with our own fully battery-powered vehicle fleet.

Regiondata has had substantial growth in recent years and has a turnover of 4-5 million with 4 employees. The company has primarily focused on securing and developing its customers' IT environment, where agreements and plans have been drawn up based on the companies' individual needs.,

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Compliq IT AB, Anders Malm 0705-17 47 77

Region data AB, Fredrik Billgren 0700-62 13 74