In a world where technological innovation can be the key to success, we proudly introduce the DH GM7P, a workstation that is not only a powerful computer, but an evolution in productivity and performance. This is not just a workstation; it is for you who need maximum performance both on the workplace and out in the field.

Power and Performance

With his RTX4090 graphics card, which is the most powerful GPU on the market and Intel i9-13900HX, the DH GM7P isn't just fast, it's lightning fast. But what really sets it in a class of its own is its water cooling system. This system ensures optimal working conditions by keeping the internal components of the machine cool, enabling an uninterrupted and efficient working day on the job.

Flexibility and Portability

Another advantage of the DH GM7P is its 17-inch screen, which offers productivity even when you don't have access to an external screen. This makes it an ideal choice for professionals who need access to all resources, even when on the go.

Optimized for Success

Every component of the DH GM7P, from the processor to the graphics card and screen, has been carefully designed and optimized for seamless performance. With this water-cooled solution, you get similar power levels to a stationary workstation, but with the added convenience of mobility.

For those ready to redefine the limits of what a portable workstation can do, the DH GM7P is the obvious choice. Welcome to the workplace of the future.   (Please note that it is not possible to place an order if you are not logged in. )

Next week we will publish performance tests from 3dMark, Cinebench and PCMark. If you have any other tests in mind, don't hesitate to send an email to