We at Compliq are extremely happy and proud to announce that Lund University has chosen to renew its trust in us by extending our framework agreement. This partnership means that we will continue to supply purpose-built computing systems, tailored to meet the specific needs of the university, such as advanced machines for laboratory equipment and IT-intensive research. For example, it could be a machine with dual RTX 4090 cards with 64 cores and 2 TB of internal memory.

The current framework agreement covers "custom computers and servers", which means that we will continue to supply both volumes of computers and specially designed computing solutions for special purposes. Many of these computers have a critical function and require a unique combination of expertise, experience and access to the latest technology. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Compliq's knowledge and expertise is confirmation that we really make a difference for our customers.

By choosing a local actor like Compliq, Lund University can be sure that their products and services are delivered quickly and efficiently.

"This framework agreement is clear proof of the specialist competence that Compliq has in the area of ​​complex computer construction. It is also a confirmation of our ability to quickly deliver the products that Lund University wants. It feels extra special because fast and dedicated service is something we have prioritized and worked with for a long time."

Anders Malm CEO at Compliq

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