Our Story

Compliq's history began as early as 1988 with two very innovative students at Lund University who studied Computer Science, namely Anders Malm and Christer Månsson. These two gentlemen anticipated technical opportunities and improvements to the university as the technology developed. They had each started an individual company to meet the university's demand. In the end, their activities were so appreciated and extensive that they decided to merge. A limited company was formed in 1992 - Compliq was born.

Initally, Compliq housed in the offices of "Stockholm" at the university campus. Later on however , they needed more staff and more space
They move all operations to a larger premises in Lund, still close to the birthplace the university, and the new adress was Magistratsvägen 10, where Compliq is still residing today.


We provide various services according to needs and size to companies and governmental businesses such as universities, development companies, research facilities, authorities and hospitals, but also help to smaller companies and small business owners.

What do we help with?

For some of our customers, we act as their IT department, for others, we act as a temporary resource in for example IT security or IT related issues. For some, we are suppliers of computer components and construction, simple and more advanced. While some call us for occasional support from another location.

After all the years in the IT sector, we hold a profound knowledge but also, a stability in an often changing and challenging business sctor.


Our team of staff all have different areas of expertise to meet our customers' needs. Our burning passion for IT is a natural common factor for us. But we also share a whole hearted interest in doing the best possible work for our customers.

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CEO's words


IT is a big concept in today's society. Constantly evolving at an incredible speed. Keeping up to date when you have another core business can therefore be a great challenge and take a lot of time. 
This is where my passion comes in.
Helping our customers based on their size, needs and wishes.
To get together technically challenging solutions that really benefit my customer, also at an economically sustainable and reasonable price! 
That's what drives me and makes my day.

/ Anders Malm, CEO

Office & Store

Compliq IT AB

Magistratsvägen 10
226 43 Lund, Sweden

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About Compliq

Compliq IT AB is a Swedish IT company with over 30 years of experience.
We are certified experts in advanced computer construction in Sweden for various industries and companies large and small to meet the needs required.
We also serve our customers with simple and complex IT solutions, service and products to make everyday life easier for companies, universities and schools.
In our web shop we sell IT-related products.  
In Lund, there is our service shop where we repair computers and servers.
Always with a financially sustainable mind.

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