With us, you can shop with a Gift Card / Staff bonus you received from Lund Municipality.
It applies between 2021-12-16 - 2022-06-30.

How to use:

  1. What do you want to buy? (link to our web shop is available here )
    Find a link or SKU.nr on the product / s you want to buy.
    (If the amount is over the bonus card, you can pay it separately)

  2. Email to you go out.
    - Name, address and telephone number (preferably mobile so that we can text you)
    - Link or SKU number of product / s
    - If you want to pick up in a store or it is to be sent (there are shipping options at a cost)
    - Bonus card no information
    - Other questions

  3. We will send confirmation to you


Shop for your gift card from Lund Municipality