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We repair computers and perform repairs and service


1. We help you with a troubleshooting. Fill out the form below and submit if you want fast handling. Otherwise, come to the store and submit the computer with the necessary information (what is wrong). Bring charger, 

After troubleshooting, we can give you a cost estimate for the appropriate action and various options for service and repair.

3. Since we also have a computer shop and web shop, we can very quickly find any spare parts and provide a delivery time.



Some suppliers have end customer support. Further down the page You will find a list of their contact details so that you can easily reach them directly. Please check your warranty period.

We take care of IT

In store

You are always welcome to bring your broken computer or parts to our shop in Lund.
We investigate and give you an estimated price of the repair needed.
We can order the spare parts while you wait. If it is not worth repairing your product, we can help you find a new one and, for example, transfer data from your old device and install what is needed.

How do I get help?
Feel free to prepare by filling out the form below.
Come to the store to hand in your computer at
Magistratsvägen 10, Lund

NOTE! Feel free to bring your charger.

We have extra staff in place
Tue, Tors, Fred 10 -16

See opening hours, map etc. here

Remote Help

It is often faster and easier to get help through this service.
While we have telephone contact, one of our technicians connects to your computer via a secure connection and helps you with your computer. Here you share the same view and information and you can describe the problem while it is being investigated and worked on.
Since this is done remotely, it doesn't matter where in Sweden you are located.

Help from a distance is charged per started half hour.

How do I get help?
Go to our web shop and buy the time you want. Then contact us to book an appointment either via email  or phone 046-384.

webshop Links

Distance 30 minutes

Distance 60 minutes

Technician at your place

If you want help at your place, our technicians can come to you. Wether it´s an installation, troubleshooting or networking, you can book a technician who solves your problem.
We offer this service in Lund, Malmö and the surrounding area.

How do I get help?
To book an appointment or for more information you can email us at  Then you are approached by a technician.

(ex. VAT)
(incl. VAT)
Troubleshooting in store, 30 min <p>450 kr<p> <p>450 kr<p>
Remote troubleshooting, 30 min <p>450 kr<p> <p>450 kr<p>
Remote troubleshooting, 60 min <p>450 kr<p> <p>450 kr<p>
Technician on site, per hour started <p>450 kr<p> <p>450 kr<p>

Contact us- Repair & Service

* If you bought at Compliq (If bought at Compliq)
When is it purchased, is there warranty time left?
Yes No. It makes it easier if it is included.
In order for us to be able to do a troubleshooting.
The more information you give us, the faster we can handle your case.


Full list of suppliers with end customer support

Here you will find suppliers' contact information. Please check your warranty period.

Supplier Quick List<br><br>Dial (+46) then cancel<br> out first zero in area<br>code. 

Acer:060-10 25 00
Apple: 020-10 05 29
Asus: 08-587 69 40
Brother:031-734 12 95
Dell: 08-587 705 27
D-Link:0770-33 00 35

HP: 0771-30 30 00 // 010-520 07 00
Lenovo: 0775-75 74 11
Logitech: 08-501 632 83
Samsung: 0771-400 200

Other suppliers

060-10 25 00


020-10 05 29


08-587 69 49


031-734 12 95


08-587 705 27


0770-33 00 35


Support: 0771-140 01 34


0771-30 30 00
010-520 07 00


0775-75 74 11


Support and bug report: 08-519 92251


Support: 08-501 632 83


Support: +35-312 041 111


Main Office: 08-752 56 00
Support: 08-752 56 30

Online support

Dect phones:

Support: 08-445 12 10
Error Reporting: 08-580 376 00


Support and bug report: 08-520 54918
Mail support: Navigon


LCD / Plasma / Projectors:
Support and bug report: 0770-930 026

Tel: 0770-930 033
Online support


Support and bug report: 08-594 10900
Online support



Support: 00800-671 083 001
Error Reporting: 08-735 34 90
Support and bug report web: Olympus


Support: 08-680 26 00


Support: 031- 336 23 00
Error Reporting: 013-23 96 60

Support and bug report:
PC-related products (Monitors, burners, webcams etc): 08-632 00 16 Consumer Products: 08-579 291 00



Support: 08-579 290 05
Error report: Plextor



LCD TV and external DVD player:
Support and bug report: 0771-400 200


Support: 020-795 202


Support and bug report: 08-544 71700


Support: 00800-473 242 83


Dect phones:
Support: 08-750 99 11


Support: 08-735 50 24
Customer Service: 08-703 96 15
Online support
Support: 08-751 40 58
Support and bug report: 077-662 0010


Support: 0200-212 100
Error report: Infocare
Projectors, LCD TV, Plasma:
Support: 08-734 46 60
Error notification: Toshiba


Support and bug report: 08-579 29045

Xerox / Tektronix

Support and bug report: 0771-178 808 Monitors:
Support: 020-535 535
Error Report: Anovo


Support and bug report: 031-744 77 20 (open 09.00 – 17.00)

Office & Store

Compliq IT AB

Magistratsvägen 10
226 43 Lund, Sweden

<p> 556451-0021<p>

About Compliq

Compliq IT AB is a Swedish IT company with over 30 years of experience.
We are certified experts in advanced computer construction in Sweden for various industries and companies large and small to meet the needs required.
We also serve our customers with simple and complex IT solutions, service and products to make everyday life easier for companies, universities and schools.
In our web shop we sell IT-related products.  
In Lund, there is our service shop where we repair computers and servers.
Always with a financially sustainable mind.

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