Mostly it is about so-called CEO letters and bluff invoices that foreign leagues can earn millions on, often without the police being able to do anything.

Extra sensitive during summertime when substitutes or others jump in.
Some also send so-called. scam invoices that pretend to be overdue. Check carefully where the original invoice comes from and if the company has received it at all. Some fake a website but if you look extra carefully you find that the company is a temporary scam.

Nearly half of Sweden's small and medium-sized companies have at some time suffered or been subjected to attempts at some form of ID hijacking. Every third has been exposed only in the last year, a new survey shows that Kantar Sifo commissioned by the insurance company Mysafety.

This is done through e-mail to a financial manager or similar with continued contact to build up a trust. Eventually some kind of question comes about transaction.

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Source: DN 24 / 6-2019