Do you work at home or in the office?
Or mixed? (What are called hybrid workers)

No matter where you need to work, you should be able to work without problems.

Service agreements help you with that - regardless of the size of the company


Easy to budget - a fixed monthly cost

Take the package that suits your business


In short, make sure that you can have access to your computer, all the information and the connections you and your employees need to work efficiently and safely.

At a simple reasonable monthly cost.

By letting us to review, to plan and to secure your IT, you make your entire business a lot more safe.

With a basic SAFE IT, you have an efficient workplace and do not need time-consuming IT strolls.

With our IT service and service agreement, you can in Lund, the Malmö region and Skåne  
- keep all systems up to date and secure
- Functioning backup and recovery
Get supervision and protection

Are you self employed? We have the perfect help for you.

As a small business owner, or franchisee, it is easy to miss simple steps to ensure your work day runs smoothly.

Most self employed can't possibly free the time to keep track of how the computer's status / capacity looks.

For what happens if your computer suddenly does not start one day?
If you get a virus or your customer data is sabotaged?

Read more about how you can get easy help securing your work further down under "Sole business agreement". We have IT service and service agreements for you in Lund and the Malmö region.

Our Service Packages: Safe IT!

We will make it easier for you to have safe IT and thus safe work.

Choose from a few ready-made service packages or create a package according to your own needs

Our service packages are created to make sure that you can avoid time-consuming IT problems, while ensuring that the company's information and data is safe and secure.

We have different solutions depending on your business needs, from Basic to o tailor-made, flexible packages.

The service is based on the fact that it should be easy to manage and easy to budget.

Let us hear from you today for more information!

What are the benefits of our service package SAFE IT?

Our service packages really makes life easier for our customers

  • It´s easy to budget
  • It´s easy to handle
  • The agreement is simple and easily understandable as the pricing is based on the number of servers, number of clients and the geographical distance from our Head Office.
  • It´s easy for you to keep track of your IT equipment, which we also document carefully for you.
  • It's easy to report problems, a single email regardless of errors.

Safe IT - Tailored to the Small Business Owner

We care about our customers so that they can work more safely. That is why we have developed this service agreement.

Today, we are dependent on the computer to carry out work tasks.

Would your entire world stop if your computer disappeared, was attacked by viruses or broke down?

Then we have a solution; sign a Small Business Service Deal.

This service agreement includes active monitoring and a "disaster recovery" plan. We make sure that you back up what you need in case of problems.

When the accident hits you will bring us your computer. The next day you have a working computer again with all your programs installed and the e-mail restored to the latest backup.

It makes life a little easier.
It prevents major losses.


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