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Many people hire us when they need to build a computer or server. It can also be something that other suppliers have a hard time fulfilling.

In addition to tailor-made constructions, what we call special constructions, we have solid production experience in odd configurations, both in high-tech industry, in research and production.

This may, for example, apply to the production of computer equipment that meets military requirements or different temperatures. Different humidities or other production requirements.
It can be advanced technology in hospitals and new research areas.
But also specially built computers or servers that handle large amounts of data, or large amounts of simulations and calculations.

Some tailor-made special constructions need advanced technical inventions and complex products that require that extra.

We work in many industries such as IT, research, innovation, architectural offices, CAD, biology, mathematics, agriculture, healthcare, economics, consulting services, food production, public sector, manufacturing, industry, education, construction and defense.

Some other examples of productions we work with

Simulators, vehicle computers, calculating computers, long-life series, cluster computers, servers, industrial computers, GPU based computers.

Build computer or build server.

Want to look at some ready-made guides and computer configurations?

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2. Do you want to build yourself or do you want us to?

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Can it be easier?

We are the IT company in Lund, one of the few that is an expert in odd configurations and custom-built computers and servers.

Over 30 years in the industry.
It is solid experience and knowledge. It's security.

What more could you want?

I have been a customer of Compliq since 2014 or earlier, and buy products from them very often - more than 10 times a year. They are always very fast to deliver and arrange delivery where I want without problems. If an item is not available immediately, they will notify you, and if there is a suitable replacement item, they will offer it. In addition to computer accessories, I have ordered spare parts for computer components, and they have always been able to deliver and find suitable spare parts. I have also tailored several desktops via their website, both the old and the new, and received good advice on improvements to computer construction. They also build the computers quickly and in a professional way, which is appreciated! In addition, I have always been very well received by the friendly staff. What more could you want?

Akram Abdul Hamid

Tekn. Dr. Building Physics / Ph.D. Building Physics, Building physics

The great thing about innovations and research is that you can participate in technical challenges. It is a huge personal kick to show how we can solve the problems in a really good way for our customers.

Anders Malm

CEO, IT architect

Our customers range from different industries in several countries.
So why don´t you try us too, and simply submit a quote request for what you need help with. Let´s build it!

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About Compliq

Compliq IT AB is a Swedish IT company with over 30 years of experience.
We are certified experts in advanced computer construction in Sweden for various industries and companies large and small to meet the needs required.
We also serve our customers with simple and complex IT solutions, service and products to make everyday life easier for companies, universities and schools.
In our web shop we sell IT-related products.  
In Lund, there is our service shop where we repair computers and servers.
Always with a financially sustainable mind.

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