Backup & Recovery - a real savior in times of need

Why do backups?

There are many reasons for making a backup. Everything from the computer becoming old and worn, to lightning strikes or water damage (how many people have not spilled their coffee at the computer) to you getting a virus, malware, theft or just ordinary accidents.

A backup is a backup of your content, what we call your data.

This means that when needed, you can restore your computer (or a new computer if it is completely broken or lost) with the information you need. It's called Recovery.

Backup, backup, must be easy, otherwise it won't get done.

The only safe way to not lose your important files emails, photos, customer data, etc. is to do continuous backup. As a recommendation, you should also have more than one backup, preferably one in cloud storage and an external hard drive.  

To make it easy, we can help you. But the fastest and easiest way is to at least have an external hard drive

5 Tips for backups

We support to facilitate your backup routines
  • Take backups on servers and workstations.

  • Have the backups tested so you know they work.

  • Save locally, offsite, in the cloud or on tape.

  • Make sure you can recover quickly.

  • Make sure the recovery is clean of viruses.


Private citizen?

Then it's even easier. Come to us or email.

  • Planning which external hard drive you need.

  • We plan a time when you can spare your computer/laptop for a little while.

  • We help you make a proper backup on your computer

  • We show you how you can then make your backup yourself

We make the backup solution according to your specific needs so that it does not have to cost more than what is necessary. Nice to know right!


Company or do you run a business?

Depending on what you need, there are different variants of backup. From a simpler to a more continuous one as some of the most common examples and packages below.

We make different backup solutions according to your specific needs so that it does not have to cost more than what is necessary.

See below the most commonly appreciated services for backup solutions.

security with office 365

Are you using Office 365 today? Then you need to know this to be on the safe side:

Many people who use Office 365 automatically believe that their information and data are completely safe. Unfortunately, that is not quite true. A lot is included in the Office package, but what is not included is a comprehensive backup solution. What is the risk then? Yes, it can create a vulnerability as you can be affected by data breaches, viruses and simple user errors.

Contact us to find out more

Backup - mini

We help you get a working backup up and running depending on your specific needs.

It can be as simple as an external counter where we show you how to do it and what you should think about. As a private customer or your own small business owner, this is done quickly and easily. Get in touch and we'll make sure it gets done.

Backup - basic

We help you get a working backup up and running depending on your specific needs.

If you already have a backup, we verify that it is working properly.

Quick and easy to have a safer life!

Office 365 Backup solution

You can be safe with Office 365 Backup, which means that your business information is always backed up and can be easily restored when needed.

With this service you get:

  • comprehensive data protection

  • smooth handling

  • unlimited data storage

  • easy reset if needed

Traditional backup
  • We monitor the backup and make sure that recovery routines exist.

  • We look at how the media is stored / handled and comes with advice and tips.

  • The backup computer is actively monitored as above.

  • In the advanced option, we also handle the media management with bytes weekly.

Backup as a cloud service

Our service of using the cloud as backup is a very simple and practical way to secure your company's information.

You need less hardware purchases and can still access your information easily and conveniently regardless of whether your business has been attacked, infected with viruses or subject to theft and accidents. That is why we have named our service Cloud Service Backup Extra Safe.

How can we be of service?