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No matter where you need to work, you should be able to work without problems.
Service agreements help you with that - regardless of the size of the company

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Become a contract partner and work without problems

Agreements for IT service are something many of our customers choose to sign. For a fixed monthly fee, you ensure that your servers and computers always have the latest software, we arrange online backup that secures your data should something unforeseen happen. We also do a complete documentation of your equipment and much more.


Keep all systems up to date


Working backup and recovery

Data Protection

Get supervision and ongoing maintenance

We look after our customers so that they can work more safely. That is why we have drawn up this service agreement we call SAFE IT.

With basic Secure IT, you have an efficient workplace and don't need time-consuming IT walks.

What are the advantages of our SAFE IT service package?

Our service packages really make life easier for our customers

  • What are the benefits of our SAFE IT service package?

  • SAFE IT is simple and easy to understand as the pricing is based on number of servers, number of clients and the geographical distance from our head office.
  • It is easy for you to keep track of your IT equipment, which we also document carefully for you.
  • It's easy to report problems, a single email regardless of error and track the case through the case management system.
  • It´s easy to budget
  • Creates security for your IT environment, good for the company and the staff.

Our service packages: Safe IT!

Choose from a few ready-made service packages or create a package according to your own needs

Safe IT

For the smaller company

  • Do you want an extra helping hand ready when you need it?
  • The basic package holds preventative measures that reduces the risk of unforeseen future problems.
  • One of the advantages is that you get monitoring of servers regarding cargo and utilization rate.
  • Every quarter of the year, you will receive a server report.
  • This way, you can plan additional help if needed.
Safe IT

With a focus on safety

  • With the Medium Package, future unforeseen problems are minimized while you receive reports and support (1 hr / month).
  • Examples of what is included We take care of the server operation and provide user support. Printers and mobile phones can also be handled.
  • The server is operated, monitored and monitored for cargo and degree of use.
  • You get a server report monthly and can thus plan actions as needed.
Safe IT

When everyday life should run smoothly

  • This service package is our most popular.
  • Here, your business is secured on several levels for optimum security and functionality.
  • We take overall responsibility for your servers and all users / regular computers.
  • Examples of what is included Servers are operated, monitored, repaired and monitored regarding load and utilization rate.
  • Server report and review are done monthly.
  • Troubleshooting server and network, updating documentation
  • Agreed appointment time and the working time required to keep servers, clients, networks, printers and mobiles running.
  • An additional advantage is that we take care of contact with external parties regarding networks, for example your broadband provider.
Safe IT

Customize your package according to your needs.

  • Tell us what you need.
  • Pick and choose from our services.
  • We can also suggest specific functions, measures that we see fit your particular company and business.
  • You can choose monthly help, planned help or when it suits you.
  • Welcome to request a quote

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Joakim A was both knowledgeable and pleasant to talk to. It was a very efficient and affordable upgrade of my computer. The whole process was smooth, first contact on a Tuesday and the following Friday he carried the computer out to my car! Great to have this upgrade done regarding Adobe's new versions of Photoshop and other programs. I can warmly recommend Compliq IT.


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