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IT Security

IT security has become increasingly important to protect the company's information and data

IT security

Security is more important than ever

This applies not only to hackers, viruses and ransomware, but also to theft, fire, espionage and accidents. Where the consequence may be that you lose e.g. website, webshop, all information and data in your computer system.

Consider... what devastating practical consequences it has for your business?

Regardless of whether it is school, university, in research or in the company.

It is important to have preventive security

For example, what happens if an employee quits?

Is there someone who takes care of shutting down all accounts, logins and other things about the employee's position?

What if an employee is on the move and logs into a network, which is an opening for others to come in?

Our security officer can help you secure all the devices you need.

Security training in the company

Safety also includes a conscious process in the business so that the staff is trained in the usual way that concerns companies.

simple tips for better security practices
  • Always be careful before clicking on attachments and links in emails.

  • Being aware that USB sticks can be infected and knowing how to deal with them.

  • That hackers can enter your network through your printer.

  • To limit the opportunities for hackers to enter the company from the outside via other technical products such as printers, mobile phones, etc.

  • Having a basic knowledge of GDPR and that the company has implemented the regulations.

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Joakim A was both knowledgeable and pleasant to talk to. It was a very efficient and affordable upgrade of my computer. The whole process was smooth, first contact on a Tuesday and the following Friday he carried the computer out to my car! Great to have this upgrade done regarding Adobe's new versions of Photoshop and other programs. I can warmly recommend Compliq IT.

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