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The technology is constantly moving forward and there are enormous opportunities for you to utilize the technology for your business's advantage.


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Center for Innovation, Research and Competence in the Learning Economy, University of Lund


IT safety has become increasingly important to protect an organization's information and data. It is so important today that overlooking it may be a major threat to your businesss.

This applies not only to hackers, viruses and ransomware but also theft, fire, espionage and accidents. Today, anyone can be hacked through the office printer. The consequence may be that you lose website, web shop, all information and data in your computer system. It is therefore important to really review and update your IT security continuously.

Advice & Consulting

What issues in your IT landscape do you need a solution for?

We analyze your needs and how they can be optimized.

We can look at your existing IT and advice you on what measures that are needed to solve your problems.

Maybe you need planning and help with some purchases.

We always give our advice based on an economically sustainable idea for you as a customer.


Most people know how important it is to secure data with the help of backup. Especially you who have suffered data loss before.

In most cases, losing business data and documentation is devastating. Without a backup, damage can occur that is impossible to repair. Serious to the extent that the business needs to be closed down.

We review all of your IT needs and suggest you the backup-and security plan that fits your business the best. Ofcourse, we can also help you with the installation and the operation of the system.

IT Architect

Is the company's infrastructure complete today?

How will it evolve in the future?

Does your systems support the companys main business in an optimized and correct way?

Together with you, our expert architect will throughly scan your IT and suggest to you how to plan, choose and structure your systems.

Cloud Services

Using cloud services can be a cheaper and more reliable way to manage your IT today.

You do not need to invest in hardware in the same way and with our Cloud Services you also avoid maintenance, as well as manual work.

Cloud services also mean you can access the company's information and data no matter where you are.

The Cloud is always available, always flexible!

Rental Computers

Renting temporarily is a great option when you do not have the means to buy right now.
We have different options from computers to projectors.

At the bottom of this page you will find a contact form. Please make your enquiry about the product you need and we will be quick to help you out.

Most bought services

Service agreements

Choosing The Service Agreement, really makes life easier for our customers

  • It´s easy to budget
  • It´s easy to handle
  • The agreement is simple and easily understandable as the pricing is based on the number of servers, number of clients and the geographical distance from our Head Office.
  • We make it easy for you to have control over your components and hardware-as we will document it carefully.
  • It´s simple for you to report problems, a single e-mail is all it takes regardless of errors.
  • We provide you with all the time needed to ensure operation, backup and users.

The Service Agreement focuses on easy to handle and enables you to keep control on your monthly and annual IT costs.

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We just can´t help ourselves - we give some extra care to you as a contracted customer.

Backup Extra Safe

When your business just needs to run smoothly

In a simple and inexpensive way, we prevent many different threats that your business can be placed under on a daily basis. Hackers, cryptovirus / ransom ware, broken hard drive, lightning strike, water accident, burglary, theft and carelessness. Perhaps an occasional accident has occurred that could only be blamed on the "human factor".

In other words-Where regular backup is not enough

What is the scenario in your company?

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