What would make your everyday life easier?

We have solid expertise and experience after 30 years in the industry

We have advised, built, installed, developed, taken care of operations, security issues, secured and now most recently, implemented what is needed for GDPR of those who requested these services.

Consultancy and consultations

Technical solutions ... or a sounding board?

We advise on technical configurations for different purposes, whether it is custom-made buildings, installations or other technical.

We discuss and analyze your needs based on your existing IT environment and how these can be optimized, and what measures are needed to solve your problems.

As an IT consultant, we can also deliver, install, build, program and make sure everything works.

Always from an economically sustainable way.

IT Architect

Overall solutions that make a difference

Is today's infrastructure adequate?
Maybe an old system needs replacing with a newer one?
A system solution may be needed to make time-consuming work much easier?
Do you need a brand new system?

Do your IT systems really support the business?
Is there new technology that can make it easier for you and drive your organization forward?

Together with you, we go through your systems and suggest how you can plan, choose and structure your systems.

Please talk to us. Our employees have solid knowledge and experience of IT systems and their use in an optimal way.

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About Compliq

Compliq IT AB is a Swedish company with 30 years experience in both simple and complex IT solutions, services and products to facilitate everyday life for companies, universities and schools. Always with an economically sustainablity in mind for our clients. We Love IT!

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