Cloud Services

Using cloud services can be a cheaper and more reliable alternative to managing its IT today. You do not need to invest in hardware in the same way and with our Cloud services you also reduce maintenance and manual work.

Cloud services also mean you can access the company's information and data no matter where you are.

It becomes flexible and easier simply.

What's in it for me?

  • It depends on what you work with, how you work and how important it is that your business information is always available online.
  • Do you need your email, information / documents available, no matter where you are, or maybe be able to work from different devices eg computers / phones / or toad?
  • If you do not want to buy so much expensive hardware then cloud services can be a viable alternative.

How does it happen?

  • We go through your needs
  • Comes with suggestions that suit your business and how you want to work
  • Can install and take care of what you want
  • Can monitor your security

No excessive costs without reasonable, and in relation to what you need.

Properly smooth or not!

The most important thing is that you can work easily and safely.

We take care of the stray and make sure you get what you need.

For some, we do the whole job, for others we do some parts.

What suits you? Contact us for more information.

Some of our services

Backup Extra Safe

How do you suffer when your computer crashes?
Need your business back and running fast?

Much of what we have on the computer is almost irreplaceable or would cost a lot of time and money to recreate without a backup. Today, most have some form of backup in the office, but sometimes it is not enough.

Many may not think that information is easily lost, for example, in a disk crash, due to cryptovirus / ransomware, hacking, fire, theft, water damage or lightning strike. By having a backup outside the office, you ensure that the business's information and data is secured. If your business needs extra security, then we can offer our cloud service Backup Extra Safe.

Please let us know and we will be happy to tell you more.

Microsoft Exchange online

A developed mail management system
To be able to work today, some form of mail management system is required. Microsoft Exchange provides both quick and better search and a custom inbox that is both useful and smarter as it contains more ways to manage attachments, version management, and simplifies upgrades.

microsoft Exchange is a developed server, the engine behind the latest improvements on Outlook.

Office 365

For a simpler working day
If you have worked with Microsoft programs, this package is something you will appreciate. Office 365 contains all your favorite programs so you can work both efficiently and creatively. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook, but also OneDrive.

OneDrive - Available information
OneDrive is a very easy-to-use feature that involves storing your data / files in the cloud. The advantage is that it gives you constant access to your files wherever you are.
In practice, this means that you can work on a document at work or on the journey, as you can change the computer / place and continue your work.

teamwork - You can also invite others to edit the document with you. Really useful in projects and team work, or various plans such as holiday plans for the staff.

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