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Security is more important than ever

IT security has become increasingly important to protect the company's information and data. It is so important today that it constitutes a major threat if you overlook this.

It applies not only to hackers, viruses and ransomware but also theft, fire, espionage and accidents. Where the consequence can be that you lose eg website, web shop, all information and data in your computer system.

Think about… what devastating consequences does it have in practice for your business? Whether it is school, university, in research or in the company.

It is therefore important to really have a preventive safety thinking.

You also want it to be the right person who is entitled to the level of information that is correct.

What happens, for example, if an employee stops? Does anyone take care of turning off all accounts, logins and other things about the employee's position? Or is it open?

What happens if an employee is on the move and logs on to a network, which is an opening for others to enter?

There are quite a few different scenarios that exist and this is where we can make a big difference.

Our security officer can help you secure everything you need.
Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more.

Many do not realize the shortcomings that exist in their business until it is late and seek help only then.
It is quite easy to avoid heavy problems when you are one step ahead and have a clear strategy for security management.

Andreas Leon

Safety Officer

Where is your weakest link?
We can help you find it and eliminate it.

Security training in the company

Security also includes a conscious process in the business so that the staff is trained in the usual way companies are affected.

Some simple examples

- always pay attention before clicking on attachments and links in emails.

- to be aware that USB sticks may be infected and to know how to handle them.

- that hackers can enter your network through your printer.

- to limit opportunities for hackers, to enter via other technical products such as printers, mobile phones, etc. to access the company from within.

- to have a basic knowledge of GDPR and that the company has implemented the regulations.

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