HPE server counters die after exact 32 768 hours - possible connection to hospital crashes

“A fatal error in SSDs installed in multiple server and storage systems from Hewlett Packard Enterprise causes the disks to break after an exact operating time of 32 768 hours. Probably the same SSDs that caused the big problems that hit the health care in Västra Götaland. ”/ Computer Sweden

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Release Date: 2019-11-19 Last Updated: 2019-11-22 DESCRIPTION IMPORTANT: This HPD8 firmware is considered a critical fix and is required to handle the problem described below. HPE strongly recommends the immediate application of this critical fix. Failure to update to SSD Firmware version HPD8 will result in drives and data loss during 32 768 operating hours and will require data recovery from backups in non-fault tolerance, such as RAID 0 and in fault tolerance RAID mode if more devices fail of the fault tolerance RAID mode logical unit. By disregarding this message and not performing the recommended resolution, the customer accepts the risk of future related errors. HPE was notified by a Solid State Drive manufacturer (SSD) of a firmware defect affecting certain SAS SSD models (see table below) used in a number of HPE servers and storage products (ie HPE ProLiant, Synergy, Apollo, JBOD D3xxx, D6xxx, D8xxx, MSA, StoreVirtual 4335 and StoreVirtual 3200 are affected). This issue affects SSDs with an HPE firmware version prior to HPD8 that results in SSD errors during 32 768 operating hours (ie 3 years, 270 days 8 hours). After the SSD error occurs, neither SSD nor data can be restored. In addition, SSDs put into service at the same time will probably fall almost simultaneously. To determine total start times via Smart Storage Administrator, see the link below: Smart Storage Administrator (SSA) - Quick Guide to Determine SSD Run Time For more information, see the versions of the device firmware versions for the version with this fix, which are listed in the Resolution section.