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I want to design my own computer or server.
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There is something wrong with my computer / server.
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There is a lot of talk out there about the "cloud"
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I want help with an advanced customized technical solution within my industry. Feel free to bring me a prototype solution.


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I want to avoid losing my data. I want to make it harder for hackers and viruses / malware and get help detecting other threats.


I have some technical issues in several IT areas and need consultancy.

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We are the IT company in Lund that for over 30 years has helped both large and small companies and businesses with their IT and computers.

Depending on your size and what your needs are, we develop an IT solution that is tailored just for you. We provide different types of services to be able to give you exactly the IT help you need to get a functioning and smooth business.

Do you need an experienced IT department? We are happy to help you fully with IT and your computers.
Or do you want a temporary resource in IT-related issues or IT security?

For some of our customers, we are suppliers of data components and construction and others call us from another location for support management.

With our long experience in the IT industry, we have the deep knowledge and stability needed in a challenging industry like this. We help you with IT and computers so that you have a functioning working day.

"Fantastic IT solutions, repairs, products and excellent service".

Center for Innovation, Research and Competence in the Learning Economy
University of Lund

The service, support and expertise we have received from Compliq we have never received from other suppliers before.

M. Bornéus

Scania Fittings

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About Compliq

Compliq IT AB is a Swedish company with 30 years experience in both simple and complex IT solutions, services and products to facilitate everyday life for companies, universities and schools. Always with an economically sustainablity in mind for our clients. We Love IT!

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