Backing up data on computers is an important practice to ensure that important information, files and documents are not lost. Data loss can be catastrophic for individuals and businesses alike; therefore, it is necessary to have a plan to prevent such problems. For small and medium-sized companies, there are cost-effective solutions that we at Compliq can implement.

This has become even more important in times when Ransomware* has become increasingly common among small and medium-sized businesses. Ransomware can encrypt your computer and demand payment in exchange for the data being restored, there are also cases where there is no possibility to pay but the aim is to destroy. A backup is then the only salvation if you were to be exposed to such an attack, because you can then restore the data from the backup without having to pay a ransom to the attacker. We at Compliq offer both preventive solutions and backup solutions if the accident occurs. The preventive solutions we offer are, workshops in IT security, screening of companies' IT infrastructure and anti-virus solutions.

In addition to backups, there are alternative solutions to prevent Ransomware. Employee training is often the most effective solution to inadvertently infecting computers with Ransomware as the human factor is the most common cause of breaches. If you have a service agreement with us at Compliq, we add different levels of security to increase the security of the company. We offer both short online courses and on-site training.

* Ransomware

Ransomware is a malicious program developed by hackers to hold a user's computer or data files hostage. It works by encrypting the user's files and folders, preventing them from accessing them until a ransom is paid. Ransomware can be particularly harmful to small and medium-sized businesses, as it can prevent them from functioning and damage essential data and client projects. If the company is affected, it has an obligation to handle the matter within 72 hours of discovery. Visit the Swedish Privacy Agency for more information.

Compliq will hold free online training in IT security during the month of March. Follow us on social media to stay updated.  (Formerly the Data Inspectorate)

Read the report from the Swedish Privacy Agency.